Marcus Dairy from the Early 1900's to Today

Harry Marcus and his family purchased their small dairy farm in Sharon, Connecticut in the early 1900's.

In 1919, they moved to a new farm in Ridgebury, now a section of Danbury, CT.

By 1924 the family had established several small milk routes, selling their dairy products door-to-door to homes in the region. They began to expand into the Stamford area during the late 30's, and Harry's son, Jack, went to Stamford to help run the business.

Rationing during World War II forced them to cut back, but by the end of the war Jack took over the business and started expanding again.

Even though they had purchased several small, independent dairies over the years, in 1946 the family decided it was time to sell their cows and focus on packaging and marketing milk products.

In 1947 they built a new milk processing plant and the Marcus Dairy Bar Restaurant on Sugar Hollow Road in Danbury.

The Dairy Bar Restaurant was a local favorite and one of the few places where you could buy ice cream. While the Dairy Bar has lots of competition for ice cream now, it has grown in size and popularity. Marcus Dairy Home Delivery

Marcus Dairy's home delivery of dairy products spread into southern Connecticut when they acquired a distribution depot in Norwalk in the early 1950's.

Home delivery is now offered throughout southern Connecticut and Westchester county, New York.

Still a family business, Jack's son, Michael, took over the daily operations in the early 1970's. Neil and Jeffrey, also sons, are President and Vice President of the company today.

The company employs about 110 people. Quality products, customer service and the convenience of home delivery are still at the heart of the Marcus Dairy Company.

For more information, call: 1-800-243-2511

Marcus Dairy delivers Fresh Milk in Fairfield and Westchester Counties